Poetry at the Pub Anthology Launch

Readings are at the Wickham Park Hotel, corner of Maitland Road and Albert St, Wickham, commencing at 7.30pm.  All meetings include an open reading bracket.  Gold coin donation requested.


November 19

Launch of PATP annual anthology


Yes, November means annual anthology time.  This year’s Anthology Editors are Geoff Nicholls, Michael Collins, Peter Brown, David Gunson.

Upcoming Program

December 17

Christmas Party

Ho-ho-ho and other gardening accessories.

January 21

Irina Frovola

Irina Frolova is a Russian-born Australian poet who lives in Lake Macquarie with her three human and two feline children. Irina’s poetry is intercultural, feminist and largely auto-biographical. Her writing explores human psychology, cultural identity, womanhood, relationships and connection to nature. You can find her walking by the lake, at local poetry readings and on “old people’s social media” (according to her teenage daughter) aka Facebook.

Poetry at the Pub is on the 3rd and 5th Mondays of the month. Mostly.


Check out and join our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/483608820385/

Information courtesy of P@tP publicity

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AUDITIONS for “An Inspector Calls”

A message from director, Annie Bilton:
I have the  privilege of directing J.B. Priestley’s great classic play
AN INSPECTOR CALLS for WWLT, in the second slot next year.
Performance dates May 17 to June 2.
Full information is now up on the Woy Woy Little Theatre website,
with a synopsis, character profiles and audition pages.
Here’s the general audition page:
which also links to the specific information pages about  An Inspector Calls.
Or just google wwlt !
Have all your questions answered at  the information night on Mon 19th November at 7pm at the theatre, email me or call me on 0432 109977.
As well as actors, I will also be looking for team members – it’s set in
1912 so  those with costume talents plus props researchers, tech operators, rehearsal prompts and backstage helpers –
all most welcome.
For auditions, the general call is at 7pm on Wed 21st Nov: please come prepared to stay
for a while as I’d like to see different combinations of actors.   No learned
monologues necessary.  If you cannot make the 7 pm call or the date, just let me know.
Information courtesy of Annie Bilton
ph 0432 109 977
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Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves Concert (1)_page_001

Michael Johnson (resident Harpist at Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens), Evripided Evripidou (Guitarist) & Coastal a Cappella present Riding the Waves-.

 Saturday Dec 8th

Erina Baptist Church



Tickets available online www.michaeljohnson.com.au/riding.php

Or phone Jennie 0412285642


Information and image courtesy of

Jennie Harrison for Coastal a Cappella


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Waterline Exhibition from The Makers Studio


Information and image courtesy of Therese Wilkins


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November Special Event

On 23rd and 24th November, we will have a special juniors presentation of “Behind the Pageant”, a light-hearted look at what really goes on behind the scenes of the Christmas Pageants that we watch every year.
Directed by Jacinta Rose Burley, one of our very own ‘veteran’ Juppies performers, “Behind the Pageant” is good fun for everyone – we hope to see you all there for cake and carols as well!

Information courtesy of UP publicity. For more info, visit http://unitingproductions.org.au/

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Community Fundraising Events

The Gosford Branch of Children’s Medical Research Institute are holding the following fundraising events during November….
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute Christmas Raffle – tickets available at the Imperial Centre, Gosford on Thursday, November 15 from 8am-3pm.  Phone 0422565097 for more information.
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute is holding 2 community stalls at William Street, Plaza (outside the Imperial Centre) on Friday, November 16 from 9am-3pm.   The stalls will sell craft, books, bric a brac, homewares, toys, jewellery and giftware. Phone 0422565097 for more information.
  • Children’s Medical Research Institute will be holding a Garden Party on Saturday, November 24 from 12 noon at 80 Broadwater Drive, Saratoga.  $15 entry includes lunch and entertainment by Toni Stevens, comedienne, singer, guitarist, theatre restaurant producer and actress. Formerly owner of “Aunty Molly’s” Morriset.   Phone 0422565097 for more information.
Information courtesy of
Sue Chidgey
Gosford Branch
Children’s Medical Research Institute
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brassed off 1

This is it … Wyong Drama Group’s final show for 2018 is the wonderful “Brassed Off”. Bookings are now open!

Brassed Off runs from November 16th – 24th. All bookings through The Art House at thearthousewyong.com.au or 4335 1485

For more details see the website www.wyongdramagroup.com.au


BO DL Flyer Back


Information and images courtesy of WDG publicity

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