It is approaching ten years now since I first set up “About the Central Coast” on the old Telstra Bigblog site. At the time, I intended it to be no more than a personal blog where I occasionally raved about local shows, exhibitions etc. that I’d seen and enjoyed, but I also occasionally used it to plug the performances of theatrical and musical friends. (I ran out of room for flyers on my front door! :D) That aspect of the blog quickly expanded, however, and I soon found myself promoting a range of Central Coast arts and attractions.

At that time there were relatively few online resources providing a quick, accessible, centralized guide to cultural entertainment on the Coast, and even fewer that specialized in promoting our local performers and artists. These days, of course, people are much more alive to the means and advantages of online advertising and there is now a much wider range of sites promoting the Central Coast with access to better resources than I have and, frankly, doing the job better than I can. I no longer feel that the service “About the Central Coast” has provided is especially unique or necessary and, after ten years, I feel ready to move on and to devote my time to other interests.

To that end have retired the service and the site has once more become the personal blog it was originally conceived to be – a place where I occasionally share short responses to, and photos of things, I’ve done and seen that have particularly excited me. Readers are welcome to follow the blog if they wish to do so. All my personal reviews and photo features will remain on the page, but I’ll no longer be accepting press releases or other promotional material from third parties. The “About the Central Coast” facebook page has now closed, as have the Twitter and Linked-in accounts.

I’d like to thank all those who have supported “About the Central Coast”. I’ve very much enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for local arts and entertainment with you, and I hope I will continue to do so in my own small way. My very best wishes to you all. – Ed. (December 2018)


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