The Paul Ractliffe Scholarship Award 2018


Congratulations to James Kampas, recipient of this year’s Paul Ractliffe Scholarship Award.

James received his award at the close of Xtract Drama Academy’s impressive production of A Christmas Carol where he excelled as Scrooge’s nephew, Fred. Academy Director and drama teacher, Danielle Brame Whiting, tells me that when James  joined XtrAct at the beginning of 2016, he brought with him an amazing energy and a big heart. “With a playful nature James naturally leaned towards the comic side of performance, and indeed has excellent timing. However, in 2017 he auditioned for the XtrAct Performance Group with a view to taking his acting more seriously and pursuing more serious roles. In addition to XtrAct, 2017 saw James take on the lead in the St Peter’s Catholic College production of Little Shop of Horrors and near the end of that year he was cast as the young male lead in WMTCs Rock of Ages.

“2018 was a big year of growth for James both personal and in developing his craft. In addition to performing in Rock of Ages, James performed with the XPG class in Jopuka Productions’ ‘Short Cuts’ short play festival, a pantomime at the XtrAct Juniors major concert, and featuring as Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, whilst taking up multiple small roles, in the XPG major production, A Christmas Carol.”

In addition to his performances, Danielle notes that James has volunteered to assist at the XtrAct juniors shows, gone out of his way to help and support his cast mates, and worked hard to develop his process as an actor. “All of this whilst completing his H.S.C!”

Here he is pictured receiving his award from Danielle after the performance at The Art House, Wyong, last Thursday:

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Well done, James!


For more information about the award, please click on THE PAUL RACTLIFFE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD from XtrAct Drama Academy



(Above image courtesy of XtrAct publicity)

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