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‘Fab Fakes’ are recreated masterpieces of paintings by famous artists.  The artist whose work is being copied must be deceased  by 70 years.


“Emulating the masters has long been heralded across the globe as one of the best ways to learn art, which is how the exhibition originated,” said Gail Brigden-Vice, President of the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society. “It’s wonderful to see the interest and standard of entries continue to grow each year.”


Copied Old Masters Artworks have previously included work from Degas, Rubens, Turner, Constable, Matisse, Waterhouse, Manet, Monet, Pissarro, McCubbin,  Streeton, Ashton, Gruner, Lautrec, Gaugin, Cezanne, Picasso and many others.



The ‘FAB FAKES’ exhibition is an initiative of the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society Inc and proudly supported by the Central Coast Council.


The exhibition will be held in The Art House– Wyong, from November 15-25, 2017  and will be open daily from 10am to 4pm, weekdays plus viewing in the evening during the day and weekends in conjunction with  the Wyong Drama Group – Coast Theatre Company’s  production of “Allo Allo”.





The winner will be announced on  Friday night 17th at the  official opening   night by

Prominent Artists/ Judges Robert Chapman @ Peter Tyrell from TLAS




All entries are offered for sale with price tags starting from $100.


“It is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a “famous” masterpiece to display at home, in the office restaurant etc, or as a great gift at a very affordable price,” Gail Brigden said.


Issued on behalf of the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society.


Media Contacts: Fleur Townley 0405 278 758

Lanham Public Relations


About Fab Fakes

In 1998, one of Tuggerah Lakes Art Society’s (TLAS) members, Brian Hasler, founded the FAB FAKES Art Exhibition. His idea of the best way to learn art, like many art tutors, was to emulate the ‘masters’. To copy – make a ‘forgery’, a fake of a masterpiece. This contest eventually became a tradition over the years, attracting artists from all over Australia.
Now, by popular demand, judging by the results from last year’s event, Fab Fakes 2017 returns to The Art House, Wyong, in mid November for what will be the biggest exhibition of it’s kind in Australia. Due to the overwhelming number of entries over the years, the competition has been limited to NSW and the ACT.



Information and image courtesy of TLAS publicity


About About the Central Coast

About the Central Coast is a free service specializing in promoting the activities of our local amateur and semi-professional artists and entertainers. It provides readers with information and reviews on their favourite theatre groups, bands and artists from around the Central Coast. If you have a locally produced arts event you would like me to promote, please send details to about@y7mail.com
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2 Responses to FAB FAKES 2017

  1. Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert says:

    Good afternoon, I was wondering when we deliver our Fab Fakes entries to the Art House? I can’t remember what the date was. Thank you from Jacki Fewtrell Gobert

    • Hi Jacki, I’m not connected with Fab Fakes – it’s run by the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society – I just post the promotional material they send me. There are a couple of websites and email addresses mentioned in this post you might try for more information.

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