A brand new book from Jill Mather

Jill’s latest book, “The Walers’ Last War”  features the famous Waler war horses used in the Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea (Kokoda track) and other South West Pacific Islands during World War Two.  Printed by Boolarong Press publish@boolarongpress.com.au  this book (and enquiries)  may be purchased directly from the publisher. Only $24.99. The Waler horse was thought by many to be redundant as a military animal. However – this book contains some startling facts that will surprise the reader, especially those interested in Australian military history.
Other books available include : “Follow the Flag” (horses in the Boer War) “Gallipoli’s War Horses” , “Forgotten Heroes” (Australian Waler Horse) “The Old Campaigners”  (camels,donkeys and horses), “War Horses” (horse stories) and lastly “Twelve Terrible Tales” a  funny children’s book about pests and insects that drove our soldiers and horses crazy in Egypt during World War One) Ideal for the classroom (ages 7 – 11yrs)  .
Information courtesy of Jill Mather

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