REVIEW of WDG’s “Ruthless! The Musical” from Paul Ractliffe

Well done to the cast and crew of WDG’s “Ruthless! The Musical!” which opened at The Grove Theatre in Wyong last night. Attempting something a bit different for the group, director Joshua Maxwell has brought this highly entertaining musical to the Central Coast with an all female cast from youngsters to oldsters and a live band seen behind the stage. The plot revolves around young Tina Denmark (Marlee Carter/Chloe McWilliam in a shared role) who will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of being the star lead on stage, and her adopted mother Judy (Ruth Jordon) who yearns to find out who her real mother is. In the mix are also an ambitious agent, Sylvia St Croix (Pollyanna Forshaw); a very critical drama critic, Lita Encore (Rose Cooper); Tina’s teacher, Miss Thorn (Rebecca Roth); and the put upon personal assistant , Eve (Madeline Parker). All their stories are unfolded and interwoven during the course of the musical but you’ll have to go and find out for yourselves as to how!

I knew some of the actors could sing but I’d never really heard them open up their voices like this before. Lita sings a song about how she hates certain types of musicals and I, to a point, agree with her but this one engaged me quickly. It’s full of laughs and some innovative breaking of the Fourth Wall. One to watch out for is at the end in the final action scene. I shall say no more. But what I will say is this: some great performances all round. I was particularly impressed with Rebecca Roth, who I’d not seen before, who brought real pizzazz and life to the teacher trying to pull her school musical together, and also Maddy who scene stole just removing furniture from the stage!

Ruth, Polly and Rose all turned in performances which showed their ability to handle the vocal ranges and OTT acting which enhanced the comedy aspect of the show and Marlee showed that she has a future on stage with a delightfully sweet and evil portrayal as the young stage struck wannabe.

All the cast enjoyed themselves immensely and some great work was done on designing the set too – well done Josh! Methinks he had a little TOO much fun making the proscenium arch at the back of the stage hehehe.

Book your tickets now, online at or phone 1300 665 600.
The show runs until Sat August 29th.

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