A Review of GMS’ Hairspray by Warren Davis

Tonight my wife and I were blessed to see the preview of Hairspray at Laycock St. After seeing the movie and being taken aback by the performances of John Travolta (as Mom) and Christopher Walken (as Dad), I bought the DVD and watched it again. I was keen to see how the locals carried this how off because I was aware that the stage show was a little different from the movie and, in all honesty, the cast didn’t just carry it off – they blew it away.

If you’ve seen the movie you will more than love this show simply because it is done brilliantly by a great cast. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a program and cannot pay credit to them by name but, what the heck, they were all great!

I have seen some great shows at Laycock   St but this one is going to be hard to top. In the first fifteen minutes the quality of the performance soared well past great and was nudging brilliant.

Do your best to get some tickets and go see some incredibly talented performances, both young and old.

[For more information see flyers in Theatre & Dance category right > ]

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One Response to A Review of GMS’ Hairspray by Warren Davis

  1. Kevin Booth says:

    Thank you for the review of Hairspray.

    Kevin Booth.

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